Touching Videos from Ukraine Show Father Saying Goodbye to Fleeing Daughter, Emotional Soldiers Hugging Girlfriends [WATCH]

A touching video that shows a Ukrainian father crying as he waved goodbye to his spouse and small daughter as they allegedly boarded a bus for safety while he remained behind to fight has gone viral. Several other videos have emerged on social media that show Ukrainian men biding adieu to their loved ones, especially partners, wives, and children, as they leave for safety while the men stay back to fight the Russians.

The video appears as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed on Thursday night not to leave the capital and instead ordered obligatory enlistment and barred all men aged 18 to 60 from leaving the country.

Touching Scenes

Multiple videos on social media capture touching and heartbreaking moments of Ukrainian civilian men saying goodbye to their families as they leave for war. Videos also show Ukrainian soldiers lying dead on the streets as the Russian army strikes deep inside the country.

In one of the videos, and emotional father is seen fixing his daughter’s winter cap before bending down and kissing her on the cheek. He takes her hands in his and says something to her before he starts sobbing uncontrollably and then slowly leans on his daughter’s pink coat.

Seeing her father break down, the girl starts crying loudly as they embrace once more before she and the woman board a bus, presumably to get away from the fighting and to a safe haven. The man would stay back to fight the oncoming Russian forces. He is in tears, so is the girl. The tweet shared by independent media New News EU says, “A father who sent his family to a safe zone bid farewell to his little girl and stayed behind to fight…”

The specific location of the video is not known. However, Ukraine is facing a three-pronged military assault from the air, land, and sea after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine on Wednesday night.

Since then several such videos have emerged on social media capturing the emotional moments of Ukrainians.

Future Hangs in Balance

In another video tweeted by New News EU, a Ukrainian woman is seen on a road telling Russian soldiers to go back. The videos appear as Russian troops march deep into Ukraine. As of Thursday night, families were being evacuated from Kyiv.

“Families are being forced to make the agonizing decision to split up,” one witness said, according to The Sun. “Women and children are heading to the safe zones while the men stay behind to fight to protect their homes.”

Another video shows two uniformed Ukrainian soldiers hugging their partners. One of the soldiers is seen holding a bouquet of flowers and adoring his partner before boarding the bus. Both the women are seen getting emotional as they start sobbing in the arms of the two soldiers.

Elsewhere gory images of people bleeding after surviving air raids have also emerged. Another video shows a Ukrainian soldier lying dead on the street, while a Russian soldier rushes past him. In yet another video, “Dancing With The Stars’s” Maks Chmerkovskiy opened up about being in the center of Kyivamid Russia’s invasion of the country.

The videos emerge as Ukraine continues to bleed, with the capital Kyiv now being heavily bombarded by Russian fighter jets. According to reports, Russian troops are just 20 miles away from Kyiv and experts believe it will be seized over the weekend.


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