Sincere Mom Of Four Responds To Haters Who Criticized A Candid Picture Her Husband Photographed

When busy mom Jazmyne Futrell posted a photo on her blog “Mixed Mom Brown Babies” in February 2019, she didn’t expect the reaction that came afterward. The mother of four young children was posed in her natural state, and some netizens decided to troll her for it.

All photos were used with the explicit permission of “Mixed Mom Brown Babies”
Jazmyne is the voice behind the successful blog, which she started after she experienced postpartum depression.

“My social media journey started shortly after I had my fourth child. After suffering from PPD for close to 7 years I didn’t want any other mother to feel how I felt,” Jazmyne told Apost. “During some of my darker days I had turned to apps like Instagram just trying to feel some normality in what it was I felt, but each time I was disappointed. I didn’t want other moms to suffer as I did so I created what I wanted to see.”

Now she has helped many other new moms realize that they’re not alone in their journeys. The photo that really spoke to her blog followers was captured one day during a typical dinner time routine.

It was a picture of Jazmyne making dinner, helping with homework, and supervising two kids on the ground — all while breastfeeding. Her husband, who she told Post “…has been a major support in all of this. He pushes me to do better and continues to help me every day,” was the person who took the candid. Jayme told Cafemom he took it because “he saw me in the kitchen and felt I needed to see myself. Actually, see me.”

Many of the reactions to the photo are positive, from other moms who know what it’s like to go to bed at 9 pm every night, to other expecting mothers-to-be who look forward to the future they will have with kids. But sometimes the comments aren’t supportive and to those folks, Jazmyne has a very wise reflection that she shared with us:

“I know for me, the moment I decided to stop “surviving motherhood” and to stop allowing what others had to say to dictate the type of mother I was, things changed for the better. I was no longer held down by what the lady in Target might think if my daughter screams too loud. Or what my family might think if my son cried “too much.”

All photos were used with the explicit permission of “Mixed Mom Brown Babies”
She continues: “It was such a freeing moment for me. For any mom struggling, I’d say, know you’re amazing!

You’re doing great and the more you believe in yourself the easier it gets. There’s no manual and contrary to what most believe no one knows what they’re doing when it comes to raising kids. It does help to be intentional but also lowers your expectations to ensure you can meet your goals.” More of Jazmyne’s advice and guidance can be found on her blog and on her social media channels.


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