Mississippi Man Arrested For Trying to Run Off With Bricks of Cocaine That Washed Ashore

A 37-year-old man named Joey Lee Ware has been charged with aggravated trafficking of controlled substances after police found him with one and a half bricks of cocaine with a Dior label on it. The police reportedly connected the discovery to the drug packaging that began to pop up across the city of Biloxi.

According to reports, volunteers for the Keesler Air Force base were cleaning up the beach when they spotted eight bricks of cocaine. The police were told about the discovery, and the group reportedly found three more bricks along the beach, which were valued at $1 million. The police noted the drugs were to be destroyed.

Biloxi Police Captain Thomas Goldsworthy said “One-and-a-half was actually discovered by a citizen, and this is the important part. If you discover it, you should call us. He instead decided to do other things with it and he was arrested and charged with aggravated trafficking.”


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