Hector Bellerin

Hector Bellerin claims it is ‘RACIST’ that Russia’s war with Ukraine has had more attention than other conflicts, as the Arsenal defender says countries have ‘turned a blind eye’ and ‘lack empathy’ towards fighting elsewhere.

  • Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin slammed attitudes towards Russia’s conflict.
  • He said it was ‘racist’ that there was more attention for it than other wars.
  • Bellerin slammed countries for ‘turning a blind eye’ to the previous fighting.
  • He highlighted wars between Israel and Palestine and in Iraq and said there was a ‘lack of empathy towards those conflicts.

Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin has hit out at the amount of interest in Russia’s conflict with Ukraine, claiming it is ‘racist’ and ‘grim’ that other conflicts have not been given the same attention.

Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine last month, accusing their neighbors of being a threat to their security and claiming his goal was to ‘demilitarise’ the country and rid them of ‘Nazi’ leaders.

But the world has been rocked by horrifying images and clips of the war following four full weeks of fighting, with hundreds of innocent Ukrainian civilians killed in sickening scenes that have led to an outpouring of support across the globe.

Bellerin – who is currently on loan at Spanish team Real Betis – has now questioned why countries have been more concerned with the latest war, having previously ‘turned a blind eye’ to previous conflicts, such as in Palestine, Yemen, and Iraq.

‘I find it pretty grim seeing how we’ve been so interested in this war, but there were others that we didn’t bother with,’ he told Marca. ‘I don’t know if it’s because it could affect us more economically or in terms of refugees, but the war in Palestine has been silenced and nobody has talked about it.

‘It happens in Palestine, Yemen, Iraq… now we’re deciding whether Russia will play in the World Cup or not. In the end, these are things that other countries have been doing for many years. ‘It is racist to have turned a blind eye to other conflicts and now to have this position.

‘It also reflects a lack of empathy for the number of lives lost in many conflicts and we are prioritizing those that are near to us.’ The football world has been incredibly supportive of Ukraine, with a number of teams paying tribute to the country.

In the Premier League, Everton and Manchester City – who have Ukrainian defenders Vitaly Mykolenko and Oleksandr Zinchenko in their ranks respectively – lined up before their match last month wearing blue and yellow t-shirts, with Everton draping themselves in a Ukraine flag.

Bellerin played 239 times for Arsenal after joining the club as a youth star from Barcelona in 2011. He was a popular figure among fans but never quite fulfilled his potential despite many tipping him to become one of the best right-backs in the Premier League. The Spanish international joined Real Betis on loan at the start of the season and has so far featured 27 times for the LaLiga outfit.


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