A 72-Year-Old Woman Reveals She’s in Her Best Shape Now, and We Can’t Wait to Hear Her Out

While some people age slower than others, a fitness fan, Norma Williams, looks like she knows how to stop time. At over 70 years old, she looks like a model. And she has an important message she wants to spread: bodies can improve with age if you look after them.

We at Bright Side couldn’t miss the chance to show you how outstanding Norma looks as she continues to maintain her killer physique.








As she was changing her lifestyle, she noticed that her life began to change, and her appearance improved. Finally, she reached a point where she was happy with herself. For those who also want to change their lifestyle, she suggests taking baby steps, allowing yourself to take years and years.



She says that her body has perfected because of regular exercise. She performs fast walking 4 times a week and attends the gym twice a week. She was gradually increasing her exercise regime and improved her diet accordingly. Not long ago, she could eat a family-sized bag of chips and lots of cookies, but she kept on working on herself.


Nora believes that our bodies deserve nothing but respect, and we often abuse it, but as long as we try to make positive changes, our body rewards us. So regardless of any baggy skin, wrinkles, and stretch marks, it’s time to love yourself and your body!

Where do you think a youthful look comes from? If you could change something in your habits that would affect your life later on, what would it be?



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